Il grand finale - Mille Miglia Storica 2016 has made it to history

2016-05-23 Il grand finale - Mille Miglia Storica 2016 has made it to history

Mille Miglia 2016 has gone down in history. Four-day struggles of drivers and their cars have finished in Gussago at the Brescia suburbs. The rally was won by an Italian crew Andrea Vesco and Andrea Guerini, driving an Alfra Romeo 6C 1750 GS Zagato from 1931. These Mille Miglia veterans finished second last year. When accepting a grand cup during a ceremonial gala in Teatro Grande in Brescia, asked for the secret of their success, they honestly replied: "It’s the law of big numbers, sooner or later it had to come to this success thanks to luck and the car which never caused us the slightest problem."

But first things first! The shortest, fourth stage of the race started in Parma. Crews rushed with the roar of age-old engines in the direction of Cremona, Monza and Bergamo. The most exciting part of the route, as always, was the speed criterion on the Autodromo Nazionale to Monza. This object, built in 1922, is the third permanent racetrack in the world in history. It is a constant guest of the Italian Grand Prix included in the Formula 1 World Championship. Yesterday, however, the most important element was the Mille Miglia. None of the contestants hid that these were emotional moments. The racetrack taught many drivers to be humble. Despite the desire to overcome it in the best possible time, it was noticeable that everyone approached the test with great respect and safety margin. Almost half of the cars that followed it are considered priceless - nobody wanted to unnecessarily expose cars to historians believed to be the Mona Lisa on four wheels.

All teams arrived to Gussago. In this small but charming town near Brescia, the competitors ate their last dinner together and, in the company of Carabinieri, headed to the city center for the final parade. There was a great crowd, as usual. The Italians had reasons to be satisfied this year - their drivers dominated the entire podium. The second in terms of overall score came Luca Patron and Elena Scaramuzzi in O.M. 665 superba Sport 2000 CC 1926, third - Giordano Mozzi and Stefania Biacca in 1500 Alfa Romeo 6C 1933 Gran sport. Italy is going crazy!

We are equally glad, too. Our Aston Martin DB2 from 1952 made a great debut. The Perlage Team completed all control points and bravely handled the speed criterion at Monza. We are happy and very proud.

In the evening, all the players met during the gala at Teatro Grande. The organizers gave several figures showing the scale of Mille Miglia numbers: a record 450 classic cars representing 71 different brands took part in the rally - nearly 150 of them are considered priceless. There were 900 participants from 38 countries who drove in the competition. During the four days of the race, they overcame 1718 kilometers of a carefully marked route leading through over 230 Italian municipalities. There were 1,800 media representatives from around the world who accredited at Mille Miglia - 200 more than last year. In organizational terms, there were 2,500 people working on site. The starting teams used a total of 4,000 hotel rooms ... Phew .. !!!

Mille Miglia is a class of its own. Today, no other global undertaking with classic cars can equal with its prestige and impetus. The ethos of the rally is a resultant of several things. Undoubtedly, this is due to the participants themselves. An international group of enthusiasts of historic motoring from around the world is also a social crème de la crème. There are always some well-known figures among them - actors, artists, athletes, public figures. From one edition to the next, it is also possible to see increasingly rare cars at the start - in this edition, among others, there is a Ferrari worth 10 million euros. And it was not the only car from this price range...

Apart from a sporting success, the fact of cooperation with Mille Miglia also gives pride. For the first time in history, the rally partner was a Polish brand - Cisowianka Perlage. Our presence could be seen practically at every step of the way - we were the official Mille Miglia drink.

This is not the end of the story. We already know that in the years to come, cooperation between the organizers of the rally and Cisowianka Perlage will become more intense and take on new forms. Stay with us!

MIlle Miglia Storica 2016 is already history.

We congratulate all participants!
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