OCEAN 5 by QПШ ROBERT KUPISZ, summer 2017

2016-06-09 OCEAN 5 by QПШ ROBERT KUPISZ, summer 2017

The word ocean brings about... a sea of associations. It is a whole range of colors, the kingdom of plants and various creatures – both those real and mythical. They are people for whom vast water is a place of work, but also for rest. It’s a carefree holiday, sandy beaches, sunrises and sunsets. Everything is approached with a distance that is typical of Kupisz, a certain looseness and a lot of fun that we find in the designer’s latest collection. He has never hidden that he sees the Polish sea as an important place both for relaxation and a source of inspiration. After five years of activity, the time has come to release some creative energy that comes from this love.

The very setting of the spectacle brought a smile to the face: dark blue light, colorful waves, fish and sea horses moving to the rhythm of the lively music by Natalia Przybysz; amid the raw interiors of Soho Factory, it made a double impression. The more so because the show took place in an industrial, big city hall, in the middle of a working week, with steamy, dry weather - seeing the first models moving energetically on the run made everyone dream of vacation, somewhere on the sandy Jurata beach or the Golden Bank.

And the collection? Very diverse and extensive with both sensual sirens and California surfers having their place within it. There were both hippie lace and straitjackets, as well as military elements inspired by admiral badges. There were lifeguards who walked through the catwalk, whom we would definitely like to see in the Polish version of Baywatch, as well as strong, independent, contemporary women. There were coats and swimwear, long dresses and sports tank tops, built-up trousers and short miniskirts tempting with their fringes. In a word - an ocean of ideas. The silhouettes proposed by Kupisz should satisfy both loyal fans of the brand’s sporty character, as well as win over new ones, paying homage to the more airy, ethereal designs of the clients.

Kupisz also decided to experiment with fabrics - in addition to the well-known gray knit and sporty cuts, there were silks and leathers. Apart from the obvious, ocean grenades and blues, there were beiges and grays inspired by the beach, as well as contrasting corals and reds typical of rescuers. The models’ legs featured both flip-flops, sports shoes and high heels combined with high socks. Once again, Kupisz proved that he feels like a fish in the water and remains unrivalled in mixing styles and conventions.

Will the next summer’s Polish street pulsate with the rhythm beaten a few days ago by Kupisz? We keep our fingers crossed! We could use a little more slack and carelessness, which OCEAN 5 by QПШ ROBERT KUPISZ is just boiling up with.