“Back to the Future” by Gosia Baczyńska

2016-08-16 “Back to the Future” by Gosia Baczyńska

The show was wrapped in mystery; until the very end, the invited guests did not know where the catwalk would be placed exactly. The concept of a return to the future announced futuristic visions, and quite perversely moved us to the backyard of an abandoned Prague restaurant. The set was complemented by pieces of shiny sheet metal and mountains of tiles and concrete slabs wrapped with glittering foils. Both the decoration and clothes presented as part of it could have been an image of a future snapped by people living in the 1960s and 1970s.

The “Back to the Future” show consisted of two collections: “Into the form” is a tribute to pure form. We will find there inspirations from the 1960s, modernism, constructivism, as well as visible love for geometric designs. Traditional materials, such as high-quality wool, lace or silks, have been combined with modern fabrics arranged in flowing skirts, dresses and suits. Minimalism of the collection can also be seen in the color chosen by Baczyńska - whites and blacks are rarely broken with shades of turquoise.
The collection of FW1617 “Boho, gypsy, disco - out of the form” takes us to the next decade, drawing from the disco culture of the 70s. Here, fabulously colorful, sparkling sequins come to the foreground and glitter with thousands of colors, combined with two-colored pleats and hand-painted lace. All are of the highest quality, made with extreme precision.

The designs were supplemented with elements of the G collection by Baczyńska, which she designed for a drugstore chain, and the original premiere line of shoes created in cooperation with Dominika Nowak. A complex choreography gave the whole a futuristic style which, based on the idea of the designer, was created by an outstanding director and choreographer Jarosław Staniek, as well as a musical setting arranged by Andrzej Smolik. The whole was recorded by cameras placed on the catwalk, moving together with models, and even located on the head of one of them. All this so that the report from the show could be made as a 360o video. Therefore, Baczyńska’s combination of the future and the past was extremely smooth and problem-free.

The designer also celebrated her birthday with the “Back to the Future” show. We are left with nothing more than to wish her further creative and active years and look forward to next exceptional projects.