Flesz Fashion Night 2016

2016-09-07 Flesz Fashion Night 2016

Flesz Fashion Night is a unique way of celebrating the birthday of Flesz magazine combined with presentations of the latest collections of leading Polish designers. This unusual evening is often compared to the New York Met Gala, because similarly to Metropolitan Museum of Art, the designers present with their fellow stars, for whom they create haute couture collections especially for this evening. This year, we had the opportunity to admire the collections of MMC, Łukasz Jemioł, Lidia Kalita, Bohoboco, La Mania, Mariusz Przybylski, Bizuu, Paprocki & Brzozowski and Agnieszka Maciejak.
Łukasz Jemioł came in the company of Monika Olejnik who wore an airy dress in various shades of silver and gray, with an extremely fashionable scaled bow tied around her neck. Gold, in turn, was the choice of Bizuu designers who, together with Paulina Sykut, created an extremely colorful, female trio. Both the costumes of the Jordan-Wachowiak duet and their muse were richly decorated, reminiscent of Baroque stylistics, but combined with Polish folk ornaments.

Katarzyna Warnke proudly wore a futuristic creation from Gosia Baczyńska’s latest collection. The original beauty of Warnke perfectly harmonized with the transparency, sequins and flounces created by the designer. Despite her love for black, it was not her, but Mariusz Przybylski, who dressed his model in this noble color. This evening, Reni Jusis wore a long, black dress adorned only by spotting, shimmering stitching along the pleat. Paprocki and Brzozowski did not refuse the pleasure of the company of two beautiful women - Paulina Krupińska and Marcelina Zawadzka. Both ladies wore long evening gowns made of flowing materials. Zawadzka was dressed all in gold, Krupińska wore white and looked not only looked fashionable, but also elegant, sensual and very fresh.

The model of Bohoboco, another male Polish fashion duo, was once again Agnieszka Cegielska. In a bottle-green, finely crafted dress, she looked extremely subtle and ethereal, reminiscent of a forest or water nymph. Lidia Kalita, whose creation was presented by Patricia Kazadi, decided on a similar color, though blackened. The creation exposed the sexiness of the model - sequin, shimmering, with a V neckline and bare back, additionally decorated with lacing which looked beautiful in the glow of the camera flash. The owner and creative director of La Mania decided to go with a contrast. Joanna Przetakiewicz appeared in bloody red, together with Maja Salamon dressed in black and white stripes. Both ladies, although presenting completely different styles, embodied the minimalism and simplicity with which the brand has been associated for years.

The starry bomber imposed on the tulle dress is Agnieszka Maciejak’s proposal, worn proudly by Kasia Kowalska. An airy powder and silver creation would not match the singer’s known edge, so the heavy jacket, in the most fashionable cut of the season, perfectly complemented this original look. MMC designers chose a similar way of combining opposites, and their muse for this evening was Joanna Horodyńska. An oversize dark blouse was chosen for a long, decorative, silver skirt, whose flounce matched those at the bottom of the creation. Horodyńska, known for her fashion experiments, is one of the few figures in the Polish show business who was able to pull off and properly present such a bold outfit.

Flesz Fashion Night, as in the previous year, was held on the horseracing track in Służewiec, and for the first time, Natalia Nykiel was responsible for the musical setting. How will the gala look like in a year? We cannot wait to find out!