#BAROQ&ROLL – jubilee collection by TOMAOTOMO

2016-10-07 #BAROQ&ROLL – jubilee collection by TOMAOTOMO

Tomasz Olejniczak has fulfilled his promise made in the title of the show: his newest collection stands out with its splendor and rich ornamentation, but is also thoroughly modern, and a bit provocative. The TOMAOTOMO woman is self-confident, likes to attract attention and knows how to do it. But there is no vulgarity in it. There is femininity, a tendency to flirt and play.

This effect was achieved by combining very adorned textures with a classic, very simple form of the presented clothes. Inspired with baroque, he daringly used fabrics decorated with shiny lace, Swarovski crystals and sequins, proving, that shine is not just a field of outfits for a night out, but also belongs to pieces meant for the day. Materials from which the collection was made are noble silks, Italian guipure, but also synthetics that create geometric, unobvious, decorative structures.

The colors used by Olejniczak are made up of basic palette of shades - black, gray, red and white refined with gold and silver threads.
The Baroq & Roll collection consisted of both evening and casual outfits. Olejniczak dressed his woman for every occasion - from a casual meeting in the city, through work, a business lunch, to an elegant evening gala. Before the actual start of the spectacle, accompanied by only sublime sounds of classical music, we watched a model dressed in a long black dress pass the catwalk, at the same time receiving a storm of applause.

Amongst the invited audience, there were friendly stars, some of them dressed in costumes from the latest TOMAOTOMO collection. The ambassador of the brand, Weronika Książkiewicz, proudly presented her miniskirt, and Olejniczak’s designs were worn on that evening by Katarzyna Zielińska, Barbara Kurdej-Szatan and Anna Wendzikowska. Take a look at the photo-report, and everything will become clear.