KRIVAN by Qπш Robert Kupisz, Winter 2017/18

2016-12-05 KRIVAN by Qπш Robert Kupisz, Winter 2017/18

What will next year’s winter bring? If we believe the vision that Robert Kurpisz has spread before us during his last show, it will be chilly, but with fantasy and marriage of tradition and modernity.

As the designer himself says: "The idea for creating a collection was born in my head during last year’s visit to Kościelisko. I had the opportunity to meet the region’s inhabitants and see their traditions, local art and music. The mountains amazed me with their authenticity, strength of character, attachment and love to the place where they live. When I am in the mountains, I feel the dominance of nature over man. The Tatras make me feel like in a gothic temple. They frighten but at the same time, fascinate me.”

It is impossible to miss the Podhale inspirations amid the KRIVAN collection - the most obvious and visible reference are the model haircuts - long, highlander braids decorated with flowers and jewelry, but this is not all! A characteristic element of many clothes is an interpretation of the traditional Podhale "parzenica" created especially for the needs of the show - it appears both as an imprint and embroidery on coats, shirts, long skirts and t-shirts. In addition, Janosik’s constantly living history has become an inspiration to create prints that bring to mind American superhero comics. The protagonist of the KRIVAN collection is the legendary Tatra brigand - a multi-colored figure, invariably associated with strength, stubbornness and courage of the Podhale people.
The second pillar of the latest Kupisza collection are contrasting sports elements, this time in a snowboard version. As the designer recalls: "Just as much as the climate of the Tatra Mountains, I am fascinated by snowboarders, who have incredible freedom and I associate them with liberty. That’s why I decided to combine the collection of costumes inspired by traditional clothing of highlanders with contemporary elements taken from the snowboarders’ wardrobe." Sports clothing referring to pieces worn by skiers and hockey players is a strong element of the collection: these are double denim pants, comfortable, wide sweatshirts and down jackets, which the designer combines with airy dresses, shirts or short skirts in the winter 2017/18 season.
In terms of color, Kupisz is faithful to his previous choices - pastels, roses and blues dominate, which blend in perfectly with subdued gray and snowy white. In addition to cotton, etamine or viscose which are most commonly used by the brand, there are also artificial furs connected with jeans in long, elegant coats and short, fitted sheepskins.

The perfect complement to the show was Wojciech Kilar’s Orawa, which, creating the setting of the show, perfectly highlighted the majesty of the mountains, which inspired the designer to create a collection.

Cisowianka Perlage – the partner of the show - reigned in the bar and among the guests who gathered in stands and in the backstage during all-day preparations for the show. Like the mountains, it is best in a slightly chilled version.