La Mania: MIND BLOW, Spring/Summer 2017

2016-12-13 La Mania: MIND BLOW, Spring/Summer 2017

On December 12 in EXPO XXI, we had the opportunity to watch the latest collection of La Mania - MIND BLOW. The show is so extraordinary that it presented a completely new direction in which the brand intends to develop - apart from glamor stylistics, a strong representation of casual silhouettes has appeared.

“MIND BLOW is not just a slogan and an idea for a show but a broader concept that we want to instill. I believe that fashion is a way of communication between people, a form of expressing oneself, one’s desires and dreams. We want the woman of La Mania to accept herself, to be honest with herself and others, because this will allow us to build a lasting passion and lust,” Joanna Przetakiewicz said about her latest work.

As the authors say, the concept of the show and collection based on the idea of MIND BLOW is a reaction to the deepening disorder of natural interpersonal relations. It is a response to longing for clear, unbridled femininity, a desire for passion based on honest emotions. The evening was opened by a special film project that introduced guests to the theme of the show. The director of the video material was Xawery Żuławski, and the main roles were played by: Maja Sablewska and tattoo artist known under the pseudonym "Dzikson". The main characters, who are not professional actors, felt real emotions on set.

“I would like our film and the whole idea of MIND BLOW to leave the viewers not only with a picture, but above all a reflection - do we accept ourselves, can we experience authentic passion, or maybe we should change something in our lives to feel pure lust again?” says creative director of La Mania.
A geometric set design of the show referred in its form and color to contrasts: white, black and red. Its task was to show the complexities and disturbances of yin-yang balance in the relationship between a woman and a man. Red, placed in the middle of the catwalk, is a symbol of desire which is to reorder and combine these two elements. The same symbolism and love for simple forms could also be seen in the brand’s designs. The collection, based on geometry and graphics, was full of exaggerated, extended, deconstructed silhouettes. Hand-made, precise embroidery and applications as well as jewelry elements have become signature items. These metallic details, highlighted during the movement, subtly yet boldly complemented the stylizations. "Moving" creations from the latest collection of La Mania were worn by celebrities such as Joanna Horodyńska and Maja Sablewska.

Additionally to evening creations, the collection also features many everyday outfits, including cotton, comfortable tracksuits, jeans with gold plaques, and t-shirts with prints. The brand clearly wanted to encourage women to cross borders and play with stylizations. Many innovative techniques have been used in the projects, including elastic, rubber-sewn and manually sewn elements that model the female figure with sculptural precision. To sew some of the silhouettes, a custom velvet silk was chosen, finished with a devoré technique, with a chiffon-velvet geometric pattern visible on the surface. The collection was also marked by jewelry details and elements such as casual torn jeans, hand-embroidered with luxurious gilded plates created bold stylizations. This almost architectural element, consisting of many small plaques, creates a flexible and very elastic composition, resembling gold spilled over jeans. Another jewelry accent visible in the collection’s silhouettes was huge golden, hand-carved and engraved buckles. A modern and sporty element that changes a proper evening dress to a feisty and at the same time very luxurious stylization.

We invite you to see silhouettes selected from the last show. We hope that you can easily find the inspirations and intentions of the creators in them.