SHADOWS by Tomasz Ossoliński, Autumn/Winter 2017/2018

2016-12-15 SHADOWS by Tomasz Ossoliński, Autumn/Winter 2017/2018

The latest collection by Ossoliński is a game of textures and materials, a set of flash with matt, theatrical use of light and shadow straight from the paintings of Caravaggio. These are vivid images and "paintings" on the easel that is the human being. Finally, it is a spectacle for the eye and ear that unfolds in harsh interiors of the historic fortress.

Expressiveness and crazy intensity - Caravaggio’s painting were loved and hated for these. Now, this Renaissance aesthetic returns in the latest collection of Ossoliński "Shadows". As the designer has revealed, it was this specific darkness of the works of the revival artist that inspired him to create his latest designs.

The profiles presented on December 13 largely exhibited pants, in both men’s and women’s versions. Legs were wider than those presented so far. For women, they were of 3/4 length, while men’s pants fell softly on their shoes. As a complement, besides the classic jackets, we could also see bomber jackets, long coats, massive sweaters and leather jackets. According to Ossoliński, a woman may look elegant in both velvet dresses and shiny overalls. A recurring theme was the turtleneck, which for some time, after long absence, returns to the favor of designers and stylists. The man by Ossoliński is not afraid of clear patterns - both geometric and inspired by the world of nature. It is not a surprise that the materials used in "Shadows" is diverse in terms of textures, but invariably of the highest quality: Cerutti fabrics (mainly in men’s suits), cut wool from an old French manufactory, velvet, leather or silk organza. And specially designed motifs embroidered on different parts of clothing.

The evening also included a presentation of a special musical project "SHOW ME", created in cooperation with Warner Music Poland (premiere in February 2017). "I combined the most inspiring music from my shows with stories that influenced my musical choices. These are very personal stories that I remember and still relive,” explains Tomasz Ossoliński. Then he adds: "This is how my life has turned out, that I make creations that for many of my clients become part of very important moments in their lives. But this is their life and their clothes. It is supposed to strengthen, and not mask a man. It has to display what is the most interesting, and not create an artificial figure. For me, the man is not an "easel" for an "image" that I will create. He is this picture and I have the task of best displaying his beauty, depth and value. "

The choreography of the show was created by Kasia Sokołowska, haircuts were done by Jaga Hupało, and the hot temperature before the premiere of "Shadows" was cooled by the irreplaceable Cisowianka Perlage. Take a look at the latest collection of Ossoliński in the lenses of the invited photographers.