Thirsty for Beauty. Jubilee of the 100th anniversary of “Friends of the MNW”

2017-02-04 Thirsty for Beauty. Jubilee of the 100th anniversary of “Friends of the MNW”

Society of Friends of the MNW - Friends of the National Museum in Warsaw, is celebrating the 100th anniversary of its founding. The First Charity Ball is held specifically for this occasion; it is an exhibition of works of art from the interwar period and a display of ball gowns inspired by this colorful time. Cisowianka Perlage supports the Society of Friends of the MNW and together with them, celebrating the hundredth jubilee.

The unusually colorful, though heterogeneous history of the Society began in 1916, when the Society of the Friends of MNW was founded on the initiative of, among others, Princess Mary Zdzisławowa Lubomirska. The overriding goal of its activity was to support the National Museum in Warsaw by collecting funds, and thus purchasing works of art and culture, as well as counteracting the destructive effects of the war.
The name and form of the Society’s activities have changed over the years, but the basic goals, in addition to raising funds, promoting the National Museum in Warsaw, expanding the circle of its Friends and deepening knowledge of culture and art, have remained the same.

Celebration of the extraordinary jubilee will be accompanied by the Charity Ball titled “Thirsty for Beauty” preceded by an exhibition of works of art from the interwar period and a show of ball gowns inspired by the works of this period’s artists. “Thirsty for Beauty” is a show held for the 100th anniversary of the Society of Friends of the MNW; it is a cozy exhibition evoking the carnival atmosphere of interwar Warsaw - its joy, enthusiasm, dynamism of change and the need for beauty that are inseparably connected with the establishment of the Society a hundred years ago. The presented paintings, sculptures, furniture, posters, invitations as well as costumes and toiletries take us to the atmosphere of preparations for the ball in Warsaw in the inter-war period. Exhibits come from the collections of the National Museum and from the collection of the Association members. The gathered items are as diverse as the art of the interwar period - apart from the well-known works of Tadeusz Styka, Wojciech Weiss, Leon Chwistek and Tymon Niesiołowski, we can find those less known, though at a certain time, highly appreciated, works, amongst others of Kazimierz Kwiatkowski and Witold Jurgielewicz.

Thanks to exhibits gathered at the show, creators have managed to convey the intertwining of high culture with mass culture characteristic of the past times. The international style of ornamentation referred to as art déco, in Poland sometimes called the “style of reborn independence”, was an expression of the affirmation of life and the desire to beautify it. The best and most complete implementation of this style was the Polish Pavilion at the International Exhibition of Decorative Arts in Paris in 1925. The iconic “rhythm” of Henryk Kuna, a sculpture wonderfully harmonized with architecture of the Pavilion, is open to visitors, along with the rest of the exhibits, until March 12.

The continuation of celebration of the society’s 100th anniversary was a unique show of evening gowns inspired by works of art and style from the interwar period. Creations were designed voluntarily specifically for the upcoming Charity Ball by contemporary Polish designers such as Bizuu duo, Lidia Kalita, MMC or Joanna Klimas. The show, and auction of the prepared dresses, took place in the atmospheric interiors of Belvedere in Łazienki Królewskie. Profit from the sale of proprietary projects will be allocated to the National Museum in Warsaw.

Cisowianka Perlage, for years associated with both Polish fashion and culture, supports the Society of Friends of the MNW and together with them celebrates the hundredth jubilee. During the opening of the “Thirsty for Beauty” show, the timeless classic Perlage bottles perfectly matched the beautiful costumes and jewelry of the 1920s. The sparkling, refreshing Perlage served during the Charity Ball will surely allow the guests to dance and party until dawn. Cisowianka Perlage is always “thirsty for beauty”!