JULIA’S NOT DEAD, spring/summer 2017 by the Paprocki&Brzozowski duo

2017-02-06 JULIA’S NOT DEAD, spring/summer 2017 by the Paprocki&Brzozowski duo

 Julia’s alive and she’s well. The new paprocki&brzozowski collection “Julia’s not dead” displayed on February 3 is a romantic rock ’n’ roll mix of women’s styles, which the designers have already made us used to during the last seasons, and amongst which each of the ladies will find something for themselves.

“We are very inspired by travels. We’ve spent the last summer in Tuscany, and in Verona, where we saw Julia’s balcony. We felt so inspired by its affection and romance that we recognized that we could make Julia the protagonist of our collection. Although initially, we thought it was kitschy, we decided to face the topic and confront it with the latest trends.” This is how Marcin Paprocki and Mariusz Brzozowski describe their inspiration for the latest collection. How did they manage to translate Shakespeare’s romanticism into the language of today’s fashion?

The designer duo collided extreme aesthetics, continuing their ongoing play with contrasts. The catwalk featured ethereal chiffons, romantic flounce, sexy lace and edgy skins (also varnished). On the other hand, there were studs, sequins, fringes and shiny belts finished with large, shiny clasps with inscriptions such as true, julia or love. In the upcoming season, the woman by Paprocki&Brzozowski will, more often than luxury and splendor or ephemeral dreaminess, choose a manifestation of femininity bordering with vulgarity, but never crossing this border. 3D applications, chains, punk razor blades, rock fringes, pleated flanges and lace trim were an original combination of the aesthetic of punk with an evening glamor atmosphere.

In the last collection, we’ve had little long dresses associated with the brand, and more miniskirts, lace blouses, leather shirts and matching cigarillos. Classic black and white were broken with intense green, pink and violet. Transparent materials tempt no less than sliding zippers and black stockings combined with colorful heels.
The designers have made sure that the catwalk recalls the narrow streets of Italian towns, and that the models come down from the legendary balcony covered in ivy. Despite the classic entourage, it was impossible not to notice that Julia by Paprocki and Brzozowski does not have much of Shakespeare’s naive beauty, and is rather closer to a liberated, strong woman who knows what she wants, is not afraid of challenges and proudly presents her strengths.
For years, the designers could count on the support of Cisowianka Perlage, which perfectly fits into the climate of fashion shows. It was no different this time - each of the guests was offered a sparkling and exceptionally refreshing Perlage which effectively cooled down emotions on this Friday night.