Aston Martin & Mille Miglia - the perfect marriage

2017-04-07 Aston Martin & Mille Miglia - the perfect marriage

Mille Miglia is a special race. Its unique history is created by people, who are born once in an epoch and cars, that no one will ever build again. They are a testimony of our times when the sports automotive in the shape we know today was born. The 1600 kilometers of one of the most beautiful roads in the world, accompanied by the roar of engines and whistling of tires created legends that last till this day. The fans of motorization divide into a few groups: one love what is Italian, the others cherish what is German, and many treasure Britishness. Regardless of these divisions and sympathies, there are a few brands that will make many take off their hats in a gesture of respect. This is undoubtedly Aston Martin. Also in the context of the Italian legend of a Thousand Miles.

Wanting to answer to the question of why the Aston Martin has become such a valued car, there are two ways. The first is long, in places with tight corners of history, often two-lane with a view of the most beautiful riviera in the world, which must be overcome in its entirety, reading about the history and philosophy of the brand, the determination of its founders and investors’ fantasies. The second is shorter: a ride in any model that was created with the characteristic wings on the mask. All possible doubts remain behind and dissipate like smoke from the engine exhaust. Immediately after we slam the door of the car behind us, we start to feel like having another trip. And of course, we set off for the first one - longer. We learn the history and philosophy of Aston Martin, as they explain their current shapes and decisions best.

Everyone who enters the Fiera hall in Brescia for the first time, where all 450 of the cars taking part stand before the Mille Miglia start, (going through the final technical check-up) gets nystagmus. Everyone who enters the Fiera hall in Brescia for the first time feels as if before a heart attack. It is the center of the motorization world during a few May days. No today’s motorization fair can even compete with the atmosphere of this place and event. In the last edition, nearly 150 cars from the entire pool were recognized by world experts as priceless. Not just in terms of motorization. These are the truest testimonies of the development of our civilization. Enzo Ferrari once said that "Mille Miglia is the world’s largest automotive museum in motion. To say that he was right is just not enough. A large part of the cars taking part in the rally are the only copies in the world. Let’s recall the formula: only cars that competed in the struggle in the years 1927-1957, or ones that were produced at that time and have certificates of authenticity confirmed by the International Federation of Vintage Vehicles, take part in the race. That’s not all. It is not enough to be a collector, a member of the club of antique car owners, an aristocrat or a representative of the business world, to take part in Mille Miglia.
These qualities are important, but the most important thing is that the driver has experience and achievements in rallies of vintage cars. Application for the rally is almost similar to applying for a chairman position: you send a full CV, where you must indicate your education, achievements and professional position. Nuances are decisive and decisions of organizers are irrevocable. The number of participating crews does not usually exceed the aforementioned four hundred fifty. It’s the world’s top of the top. It’s extremely unique and elitist. It’s social and automotive.

Last year, the competition featured a debut of Aston Martin DB2 from 1952 in the colors of Perlage. This year, an even rarer copy will take part: Aston Martin DB2/4 from 1955. The search for this particular copy took a long time. Every collector looks for something different in a car that fits his sphere of interests. A limited edition ... A unique color ... The perfect condition ... The year of production ... The history of previous owners ... With the car that is supposed to start in Mille Miglia, the case is similar, but more difficult: because the car that has to drive in this legendary event must be the sum of all Collector’s whims. While the word "whim" is suitable for passion that pushes the holder of a historic car to participate in an extreme race with a time frame on public roads for a thousand six hundred kilometers and in capricious weather, just like a year ago ... We will tell you more about this passion driven with octane and cars where fuel lines pulsate with the unique spirit of history in the coming weeks.