Uniqueness: how to bite on it and why you should wash it down with Perlage

2017-04-18 Uniqueness: how to bite on it and why you should wash it down with Perlage

 There is this notion of “vehicle uniqueness” that we use in the context of Mille Miglia and cars that take part in it. What is it actually? What is a unique car that is in line with the regulations, which - as not everyone is aware - define this notion exactly?

Pursuant to article 79 of the Act 4 of Road Traffic Act, once registered, a vehicle is not subject to reregistration, with the exception of, for example, a vehicle that is at least 25 years old and recognized by a car expert as unique or of particular importance for documenting the history of motoring. In the last Mille Miglia, nearly one hundred fifty of the four hundred fifty cars were recognized as priceless by experts. All were deemed as unique. Meaning what exactly?

To put it simply: very rare and combining two criteria of uniqueness - quantitative and qualitative. The quantitative criterion reads that a unique vehicle is one representing a brand, type and model preserved to our times in a very limited number of copies, and the quality criterion - a vehicle in which unparalleled technical solutions or other essentials are used in comparison to other models, types and brands. This is exactly our silver Aston Martin DB2 from 1952 in the last editions. This year - with yet again an independent opinion issued about its uniqueness - the recently featured Aston Martin DB2/4 from 1955 and red Aston Martin 15/98 from 1937 will take part in the colors of Perlage. The unique silhouette of the latter - one of the fifty copies produced - will be approximated in greater detail soon. Today, continuing the theme of uniqueness, we emphasize the non-accidental natural aspect of establishing long-term cooperation of the only Polish brand with the organizers of this historic car recognized as the most beautiful rally in the world. Perlage was chosen by Mille Miglia among international brands due to its many common features - prestige, exceptional quality, respect for tradition and, at the same time, wide popularity.

It was highly appreciated that the concept of sparkling water has been created by enthusiasts from the very beginning. Classical motoring at its best, Perlage tastes just like that - the water has once again obtained the status of an official drink of the Thousand Miles Rally. There is no greater reason for us to be satisfied than to observe elite owners of the most unique antique cars in our world with Perlage cans in their hands. With pride, we are left with nothing else but to wish the crews and all fans buon appetito!