Gałkowo Masters 2017

2017-07-04 Gałkowo Masters 2017

photograph by Cecylia Łęszczak

Amid the picturesque Masuria, surrounded by Piska Wilderness, almost an hour of horseback riding from one of the most beautiful rivers of the Land of a Thousand Lakes - Krutynia, there is Gałkowo with its famous Ferenstein Stud Farm. With as many as 100 animals, it is open year-round - with both beginner and experienced horse breeders. The stud farm owes its fame to, amongst all, organizing horseback riding tournaments all across Poland. The sponsor of the biggest of them was Cisowianka Perlage.

During Gałkowo Masters, contestants compete for 3 days of horseback competitions. The tournament, with an over 15-year tradition, is probably the most colorful sports and social event in the horseback competition timetable in Poland. During its 16th edition, guests of Karolina Ferenstein-Kraśko and Piotr Kraśko’s stud farm will be many great personalities from the world of sports, culture and business - this event could not lack, amongst all, Łukasz Jemioł, who has been cooperating with the sponsor - Cisowianka Perlage, for a long time.

Three days of sports struggles make up a total of 24 tournaments (which at the same time are Eliminations to the Polish Championship for Young Horses), the Sunday Lt Col Ludwik Ferenstein Grand Prix and the Silver Round competition for the Cisowianka Perlage award! The winner of the last was Ludmiła Sergiej-Krzysztofiak, whom we sincerely congratulate.

We cannot forget that Gałkowo Masters is not just a sports competition, but also a social event. The riders’ struggles are observed by many celebrities - amongst all, Agnieszka Kaczorowska, Katarzyna Sokołowska and Weronika Książkiewicz dressed in original, stylish creations. Apart from the sports competition, like every year, the organizers have prepared a small fashion competition - an inseparable element of the “Polish Ascot” is a hat contest - this time, it was won by Karolina Szostak, wearing a dress by Łukasz Jemioł. The journalist did not choose an ordinary hat - she appeared in a unique, beautiful summer garland, decorated with long ribbons, falling onto her arms.
On top of that, the event featured beautiful Andalusian horses from the Royal Spanish Riding School with a test for car and chaise riding, a fashion show and most of all - a charity auction, which breaks popularity records every year.

The weather wasn’t always in our favor, although Gałkowo did not experience any heavy rain. Amongst the high temperatures accompanying all the hot emotions, Cisowianka Perlage was always at the hands of both the fans and the contestants. We just cannot wait for the 17th edition of the contest!