Flash Fashion Night 2017 – Autumn Glow

2017-09-06 Flash Fashion Night 2017 – Autumn Glow

September 5th was the day of one of the greatest fashion events in our country - Flash Fashion Night. This year’s sixth edition was held in the atmospheric interiors of the Prussian Printing House and inaugurated the autumn/winter 2017 season in the Polish fashion world.
Every year, Flash Fashion Night gathers a crowd of both designers and celebrities, jointly admiring the pieces for the coming months, which come out from under the needle of the best Polish designers. Each of the creators invited to collaborate appears with their muse in an haute couture creation, designed for this occasion. For Łukasz Jemioł, this year’s muse was Hanna Lis, the Bizuu duo appeared in the company of Zosia Ślotała, the inspiration of MMC was Jessica Mercedes Kirschner, Agnieszka Maciejak - Edyta Zając-Rzeźniczak, Gosia Baczyńska appeared in the company of Monika Olejnik, Paprocki & Brzozowski came with Maja Sablewska, Maciej Zień with Katarzyna Warnke, Lidia Kalina with Natalia Szroeder, the design of Mariusz Przybylski was proudly worn by Kasia Stankiewicz, and the muse of La Mania this evening was Agnieszka Woźniak-Starak.

Jemioł, Baczyńska, Zień, Kalita and MMC went with black, though in different versions: Monika Olejnik covered any transparency with a leather jacket; in turn, Mercedes’s design resembled a fairytale princess. Paprocki & Brzozowski emphasized their model’s tattoos with a cutout, gold piece, and Joanna Przetakiewicz bet on proven, minimalistic red, exposing her model’s assets. Powder pink was an idea of Bizuu and Agnieszka Maciejak; in turn, Mariusz Przybylski chose an airy, beige boho piece.

Dresses of the muses were only part of this evening’s attractions. The main feature of the program was a joint show of the aforementioned designers, during which they presented chosen silhouettes from the autumn/winter 2017/18 collection. We had the chance to enjoy a part of them, like First Lady by Maciej Zień, before. For others, this was a prapremiere. Every presentation was significantly different from the other designs, but together, they formed an interesting variety of the Polish fashion scene, where every woman can find something for herself. We also had the chance to admire both classic suits and cocktail dresses, as well as brave creations in the form of artistic bohème. There was gold and red, as well as intense orange and daring pink. Fur and frills, tulle and sweaters with a thick weave. In a word - a mix of Polish fashion in a nutshell.

This year’s afterparty was accompanied by a performance of Natalia Kukulska, who sang her greatest hits in dance arrangements.
The event couldn’t take place without Cisowianka Perlage, who has accompanied the greatest fashion events in our country for years.