Bizuu autumn/winter 2017/18 show

2017-09-08 Bizuu autumn/winter 2017/18 show

On September 7, the Bizuu duo took us into the near future - to its own version of the Polish street in the upcoming autumn/winter season. The AW 2017/18 collection premiered in the Prussian Printing House and gathered crowds of stars, who warmly applauded the newest designs.

Raw interiors of the abandoned hall turned into a sandy desert somewhere in Australia or Africa. We stumbled across pieces of red ground and pots with impressive cactuses. Woven chairs, decorated rugs and oriental cages playing the role of lampshades took us to a humid summer, somewhere on the other side of the globe. This impression was sustained by Julia Pietrucha, who created the musical setting for this exquisite event together with her band.

Deep, strong colors, such as maroon, navy blue or intense violet definitely dominated this year’s collection. This doesn’t mean that there was no pink, so characteristic of this brand. On the contrary - we could admire it in shades from powdery to juicy. The complement of the color palette were classical blacks and beiges visible on whole pieces, as well as prints and accessories. Plant motifs, folk laces, embroidery and checks which remained in perfect harmony with monochromatic designs. If there were stripes, only thick; if there were ornaments, then in an almost baroque glamour. The designs of Blanka Jordan and Zuzanna Wachowiak were definitely far from minimalism.

Even though the Bizuu woman often wears dresses from mini to maxi, the absolute hit of the upcoming season will be suits that break the stereotypes of a formal look, presenting classic elegance in a casual edition. The choices for this season were a pink and black set from plump corduroy, perfectly fitting and emphasizing the silhouette, as well as a classical checkered model, impressing with its geometrical form.

A complement to these designs were oversized sweaters with a thick weave, coats with folk motifs and fur enhanced with an interesting application. Even though this show did include its capsule license collection - which the designers have made us used to - its places were proudly taken by animated applications of monsters in a futuristic edition, which appeared on sweaters and big, sports bags.

As always, the Wachowiak sisters bet on the highest quality in their designs, using exquisite fabrics from Italy and France, amongst which there are cashmere, silks or delicate laces, as well as original prints on noble underlays. Fans of denim also couldn’t complain - high-waisted jeans and loose shirts were a strong point of this brand’s latest collection.

Consequently, Bizuu dressed a strong, brave, fashionably conscious woman who understands subtle mixes of classics with global trends. We can rest assured that many of the designs presented this evening will find their place on numerous stars and celebrities for our admiration.
The brand that is core in the Polish fashion world - Cisowianka Perlage - offered refreshment for the guests, warmed up with this beautiful show, concert and hot atmosphere of the entire event.