XVII St. Hubert’s Run at the Ferensteiner Stud Farm 2017

2017-10-10 XVII St. Hubert’s Run at the Ferensteiner Stud Farm 2017

The seventeenth edition of the Great St. Hubert’s Run at the Ferensteiner Stud Farm 2017 is behind us. October 7th was the beginning of another race through the forests of Masuria. Hubertus, a feast of riders and foresters, is held at the end of the autumn-winter equestrian season. As the name itself suggests, it comes from Saint Hubert, the patron of all lovers of horseback riding as well as admirers of these beautiful animals. On this occasion, Gałków holds an annual race, gathering the greatest enthusiasts of horse sports.

This year, Karolina Ferenstein-Kraśko and Piotr Kraśko put together an expedition through the enchanting landscape of Masuria made up of 40 riders. A 300-person audience traveling in a picnic sled watched the whole race.
The most spectacular part of this 3-hour crossing seems to be the over hour-long drive through the uncanny Pisz forest and river Krutynia. Participants also had to face a cross route, filled with obstacles put together by the partners of the race.

Lunch was held in a forest glade; after an eventful ride, the riders could get a taste of the regional cuisine at Gałkowo Club45, with dishes such as roasted wild boar and excellent desserts. During the picnic, guests could admire a display of four majestic Frisians, driven by the Vice Champion of Poland Wiesław Sadowski as well as a show of horse archery by World Champion Anna Sokólska.
It is generally assumed that the celebration of this holiday will guarantee riders’ good results in the upcoming season. We hope so! Thanks to the organizers’ efforts, the Great St. Hubert’s Run in Gałków is getting more and more attention every year. We are even more pleased that Cisowianka Perlage got to be one of the partners of this unique edition.

All photographs were made by Cecylia Łaźak.