Róże Gali 2017

2017-11-23 Róże Gali 2017

November 20, 2017 was the day of a ceremonial gala with announcement of results of the 15th Róże Gali plebiscite. It’s a unique event, which just couldn’t be missed by prominent persons from the world of film, fashion and music. The event was held in the Warsaw building of Ufficio Primo. Once again, the two-week Gala announced a plebiscite for the most prominent personality of the Polish showbusiness. Winners were chosen by the readers and jury consisting of: Anna Ibisz – Gala Editor-in-Chief, Grażyna Torbicka, Alicja Resich- Modlińska, Andrzej Saramonowicz and Robert Kozyra.

Winners received their awards in the following categories:
Film: Magdalena Boczarska
Music: Kayah
Book: Szczepan Twardoch
Debut: Michalina Łabacz
Theatre: Pożar w Burdelu

Anna Dereszowska, Kinga Preis, Alicja Resich – Modlińska, Jerzy Schejbal and Robert Kozyra found themselves amongst those handing out the prizes.
There were also special awards. The first of them was the Award for Charitable Activity for Jurek Owsiak, given out by Magdalena Różczka.
The Award for Lifetime Achievements was given to Krystyna Janda. Readers had the possibility to choose the greatest persona in the Internet of the previous year. The honor was given to Marta Dyks. The awards were handed out by Michał Szpak.
The gala couldn’t have gone without an exquisite musical setting. The main theme was the hits of Zbigniew Wodecki performed by Polish stars. The scene was taken by Margaret, Edyta Górniak, Sławek Uniatowski and Rafał Brzozowski.
This year’s Róże Gali 2017 was hosted by Anna Zajdler - Ibisz together with Piotr Kraśko. There were many guests who took part in the celebration, amongst all, designers who partnered up with Cisowianka Perlage: Dawid Woliński, Gosia Baczyńska and Robert Kupisz. Perlage, which has been supporting the plebiscite for years, was one again the partner of this prestigious event this year.