Harper’s Bazaar Celebrates 150th Anniversary

2017-11-30 Harper’s Bazaar Celebrates 150th Anniversary

November 28 was the day of the grand birthday gala of Harper’s Bazaar held at the Warsaw Hala Gwardia. The oldest fashion magazine in the world celebrated its 150th anniversary, and Harper’s Bazaar Polska honored its 5th birthday. The celebration was hosted by: Joanna Góra – editor-in-chief of the Polish issue and TV reporter Mateusz Hładki. In their several minute introduction, the hosts told a detailed story of the magazine.

An additional attraction of the evening was a show by Gosia Baczyńsla, celebrating her 20 years as a designer. During this unusual birthday, models presented creations from her two decades of artistic work. Baczyńska just wouldn’t be herself, if she had proposed a standard catwalk. This time, the show made a reference to the place where the event was held - the recently renovated Warsaw gala, where WKS “Gwardia” used to train a few decades ago. The show was opened by models in boxing robes and gloves. Jumping onto the ring, they encouraged the guests to cheer and applaud the show. The girls that came after passed between guests, stopped at the aforementioned ring or winded through small stairs set up specially for this occasion. And even though it was apparent that the designer’s inspirations have changed through the years, her fondness of play with fashion, original combinations and care for even the smallest details has remained unchanged since the beginning.

Of course, this evening couldn’t go without live music. BOWNIK and Ros & Shambalaya perfectly fit into the rhythm of the party and set a fun tone for the guests since the first minutes of the ceremony.
Birthday, champagne fun and fashion is the natural environment for Cisowianka Perlage. The celebration of the oldest fashion magazine in the world could not lack the well-known and popular sparkling water in its beautiful blue bottles.