Aneta Kręglicka x L’AF – “Minimal” collection for spring/summer 2018

2018-03-19 Aneta Kręglicka x L’AF – “Minimal” collection for spring/summer 2018

There are still left a few days until the first day of spring, yet this beautiful season is already fully blooming on catwalks. Aneta Kręglicka has joined the group of designers who have already made their debut on the Polish fashion scene with her spring/ summer 2018 collection. Her designs, which is no surprise, embody her minimalism.

The author says about her collection: I’ve always been fascinated by simplicity. I love designs that focus attention, impeccably seducing with an idea, quality. My style and sense of aesthetics take handfuls of minimalism, on top of that denying ostentation. I value unforced elegance, classics, timelessness, original simplicity, as well as restraint and certain discretion. Quality comes first, it results from the selection of fabrics and attention to detail. Thanks to this, the minimalist form intrigues and ceases to be monotonous.

Aneta Kręglicka prefers calm colors. Even in the springtime, she chooses timeless black and white colors, with an occasional twist of gold or navy blue. Despite a limited range of shades, the designer has managed to conjure designs for virtually any occasion. “Minimal” features both sets for work, a casual meeting or a walk, as well as cocktail and decorative dresses and suits fit for more formal occasions.

The enormous consistency of Kręglicka’s designs has the additional advantage of offering the ability to create many new styles based on the elements presented in the show. As the author says herself: (...) this allows for a sense of liberty and freedom in expressing yourself.

The timeless style and elegance of the collection perfectly harmonized with the economical but elegant design of Cisowianka Perlage cans and bottles. While cooling down the guests’ emotions, they also supported Aneta Kręglicka in preparing for her fashion debut as one of the event’s partners.