The timeless Aston Martin DB2 in Mille Miglia 2018!

2018-05-09 The timeless Aston Martin DB2 in Mille Miglia 2018!

Mille Miglia is just around the corner! The Cisowianka Perlage crew will also take part driving in an Aston Martin - a real classic among vintage cars!
Take a closer look at this iconic machine and keep your fingers crossed for our journey!

Aston Martin DB2 and Mille Miglia
In the years 1949-1953, Aston Martin DB2 racing cars took part in over 50 sporting events with many successes on the way. From 1949, this model was the front runner of the racetrack. Undoubtedly, the greatest success of Aston Martina DB2 was the exhausting, nineteenth road Mille Miglia rally in 1952. The event has grown to an unimaginable scale with an incredible number of 607 participants at the start, including the largest manufacturers such as: Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia and Ferrari. Only 275 cars reached the finish line in Brescia. The Aston Martin factory team, which represented the UK, took the first two places in the GT+2.0 class and a high twelfth and thirteenth place in the general classification.

Polish accent

DB2 blazed the trail and thanks to its experience and successes in motorsport, it has shaped the sporty nature of the luxurious Aston Martin models. The participation of a Pole had great meaning in establishing the position of DB2 on the sports car market.
Engineer and motor engine constructor, Tadeusz Marek worked on the development of DB2 engines, raising their power, and designed straight engines, amongst others, for the DBR2 racing model and serial units used in later DB4, DB5, DB6 and DBS models.


New challenges
The Perlage Team will take part in this year’s 36th edition of the Mille Miglia 2018, held on May 16-19, driving an Aston Martin DB2 from 1952, with characteristic WU 1000MM registration plates referring to the rally name. The picturesque route has been divided into four stages and will lead from Brescia to Cervia Milano Marittima and to Rome. From Eternal City, drivers will turn to Parma, and the struggle will end at the finish line in Brescia. It is the third time that Cisowianka Perlage has become the official sponsor of the legendary race of a thousand miles, or Mille Miglia Storica.

You can watch the whole report on our channels – available from May 15!