Mille Miglia 2018 before us!

2018-05-14 Mille Miglia 2018 before us!

There are only a few hours are remaining until the start of the most beautiful race in the world, Mille Miglia 2018. This exceptional feast is celebrated by participants, lovers of great motorization and residents of picturesque Italian villages, through which the Thousand Mile Race route leads.


Rain doesn’t scare us
On Monday morning, the gates to Mille Miglia have been opened! After the morning rain, the sun of Italy welcomed historic cars, which entered their trailers after a long journey to Brescia. In the grand Brexia Forum hall, where there gathered hundreds of legendary cars, the cars faced administrational receipt and obligatory technical inspections. A special committee of judges scrupulously checked documents confirming historical originality of the cars submitted for the race. Aston Martin DB2 from the Perlage Team has successfully went through technical examination and will set off to the race route with a starting number of 232.

Accuracy above all
After the morning Italian breakfast, participants will set off their machines for the test section, which will be located on the second public distance with normal traffic. They will pass the distance set by the organizer with a marked road post to correctly calibrate their measuring devices called haldas. Accuracy is key here. One of the most important rules of the Mille Miglia race is regularity and constant speed on the route.

Great celebration on the Italian streets
The day before the start of the race will be the official ceremony of sealing the cars, which will pass in a column to the historical part of the city in Piazza della Vittoria. As every year, hundreds of welcoming residents of Brescia (which has as little as 20,000 residents!), will gather along the route, and have the unique opportunity to admire all the beautiful cars, slowly passing through the historic streets. This solemn event undoubtedly has the character of a great holiday that everyone is waiting for.

Plan for this year’s edition

This year’s edition of Mille Miglia 2018 will take place on May 16-19 and is divided into four stages. The total length of the race route is as much as 1,800 kilometers, driven through public roads through charming Italian towns. However, this is no idyllic trip, but a long and difficult rally. The marathon requires great devotion from the players, full of concentration and impeccable cooperation at all times. There are a thousand miles ahead, to be driven for a few or even several dozen hours a day with models of cars that took part in the historical edition of Mille Miglia, played in 1927-1957.

Historic cars
The incredible magic of the race attracted over 450 vintage cars, which on Wednesday will drive to the first stage from Brescia to Cervia-Milano. Nearly seventy of them are the biggest veterans of the road from the 1920s. The most numerous group are classics from the 1950s. Before the start, the organizer assigns an appropriate factor to the car, taking into account the period of designing and constructing the vehicle, which depends from the year, and this is converted into results.

The great adventure is ahead!
All roads lead to Rome and after completing the second stage of the race and covering almost 900 kilometers, vehicles will enter the eternal city. However, they do not plan to stay there for long. The following day at 6:30 am, in twenty-second intervals, the judges will release the cars to the third longest stage amounting up to 589 kilometers. After four days of struggle, the participants will meet again at the starting point. The end of a beautiful adventure will finish in Brescia. The emotions associated with the Thousand Mile Race are reaching its peak. The great adventure lies ahead!