Brescia welcomes the participants of Mille Miglia 2018!

2018-05-15 Brescia welcomes the participants of Mille Miglia 2018!

Another chilly and rainy morning has welcomed everyone to Brescia. In the second part of the day, similarly as yesterday, the weather improved and the sun came from behind the clouds. It is fortunate that the afternoon is the time of the biggest attraction of the day and one of the most interesting events of the Million Miles Race.

Test drives and final fixes

After breakfast, participants set off with their machines for the testing section, located on a part of the public road with standard traffic. This section of the road, limited by poles, designated by the organizer was a one-kilometer distance for all participants in the race. Based on this distance, contestants calibrate their measuring devices called haldas. Accuracy is key here. Mille Miglia is a race for regularity, which forces the crew to cover a designated section of the route with accuracy to the hundredth of a second. One of the most important rules in a race for regularity is keeping the speed constant on the route. After the test drive, the Perlage Team made its last fixes in their Aston Martin DB2 to be 100% ready for a great trip.


Sealing ceremony
The official car filling ceremony began in the afternoon; it passed the technical tests yesterday and qualified for the Mille Miglia start list 2018. The colorful classics set off on their first journey to Piazza della Vittoria from the Brexia Forum hall, assisted by police officers on motorcycles. The historic square was lined with red carpets, with cars unhurriedly driving to the technical point. There, the judges symbolically mounted seals around the steering column, confirming their readiness to take off. Countless people came to admire the most beautiful cars in the world, holding balloons and flags with a characteristic red arrow featuring the 1000 Miglia sign, being the official sign of the race. Music created a background for this solemn event, and the whole seemed to not have a comparable equivalent.

Incredible atmosphere

The atmosphere of the race could be sensed for several days and the famous red arrow can be found at every step. Many shopping displays feature racing motifs, posters and souvenir gadgets. Brescia and its inhabitants are ready for a big celebration and counting down the last hours to takeoff. On Wednesday, at 14:30, the first crew will set off for the first distance of 324 kilometers during the grand ceremony.


Rainy weather, which has recently been targeting the northern part of Italy, may make it difficult for participants to head over to the seaside Cervi.
We will soon find out.