1000 Miglia - Rainy days, sunny days (day 1)

2018-05-16 1000 Miglia - Rainy days, sunny days (day 1)

fot. party.pl leaving behind effective trails in three colors of the Italian flag began the official ceremony of the Millie Miglia 2018 start. Exactly at 2:30p.m., the first and oldest car drove down from a start ramp prepared specially for this occasion, lined with a red carpet.



Great motorization feast
Residents of Brescia have been waiting a long time for this moment. They came early to take the best places and enjoy the view of over 450 extraordinary cars. It was also the perfect moment to take a photo or ask the crew for an autograph. The start ceremony is a great motorization feast. A wonderful setting and the omnipresent atmosphere is not comparable to any other event. The Perlage Team’s Aston Martin DB2 drove down the start ramp at 3:47p.m.

fot. party.pl

fot. party.pl

First stage
This moment was the start of the great race. Just thirty kilometers outside Brescia, the participants were awaited by the first distances for regularity. One had to show a flawless sense, full focus and impeccable cooperation of the driver and pilot. The slightest error counted in thousandth of a second could quickly change the occupied position after the first distances. Interestingly, an almost ideally square ride time without a penalty did not guarantee a win, as a few contestants managed equally well.

Delay on the road
During the first stage, there were 324 kilometers and twenty-one distances for regularity. Ferrara had one control spot, where contestants had to drive at a proper time indicated by the organizer. An incomprehensible situation took place right at this spot. A well-known race driver Walter Röhrl, taking part in a Porsche 356 Carrera from 1956 just two numbers before Aston Martin, came to a stop in such a way that the ones after him could not approach within the indicated time. As a result, the Perlage Team crew received a minute of delay as penalty.

fot. party.pl

Even so, the day can be considered successful. A perfect drive without penalty on one calibration distance and great rides on others put the crew of Aston Martin DB2 on the 129th place after the first day. It’s a good starting point to go up in further stages.