1000 Miglia - To Rome! (day 2)

2018-05-18 1000 Miglia - To Rome! (day 2)

The first crews of the coastal Cervi set off today at 6:30a.m. The Perlage Team’s Aston Martin DB2 moved past the starting point at 7:47a.m. and headed towards a long road to Rome. Shortly past 8:00, it began to get crowdy on the roads.


The contestants got stuck in traffic before Rimini. Getting to the control point on time was jeopardized. Help was offered by Italian policemen on motorcycles, who rescued the cars of contestants and helped them get through the crowded streets. Many times, they led the participants upstream or at red lights. Classical cars taking part in Mille Miglia were particularly privileged and overcame the route assisted by the Police, not worrying about the law and most importantly, speed regulations, often driving three times faster than permitted by road signs. This sounds like a film story of a car chase, but it is exactly what Mille Miglia looks like, with its unique character of the most beautiful road race in the world. This is no idyllic road trip to Rome, but a harsh ride for every second, anything to make it on time.

The route of the second distance led through mountain and zigzag roads, which brought the contestants to San Marino. There, they were awaited by narrow driveways between historic tenements and very tight curves. Drivers of even the smallest cars just couldn’t feel confident and had to pay close attention. For the older and bigger cars, this was quite a challenge. Fans who crowded by the route turned out to be of great help, assisting in maneuvering on tight sections. The countless number of turns was an additional obstacle for the drivers, who had to do their best without power steering. Strong arms are the basis, but blisters on the hands begin to appear as soon as the first day.


During the first half of the day, the first contestants appeared to the historic part of Arezzo and from there, driving through the market square, they drove out heading for Rome. Andrea Vesco driving in Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 SS ZAGATO from 1929 is quite something, and precisely last year’s Mille Miglia 2017 winner. At halfway point of the second stage, he took first place in the classification. Will he manage to repeat his success?


foto: Filip Blank

An additional difficulty was the changing weather. There were temporary but intensive rainfalls and for a moment there, there was even hail. The Perlage Team crew had no problem on the route of today’s stage. During individual attempts for regularity, they noted high positions and similarly as yesterday, managed to drive one section flawlessly, without any penalty marks, which means that they overcame the route with precision of down to one hundredth of a second. Aston Martin DB2 is quite a view and many contestants approached in breaks to take a sneak peek at the impeccably restored piece. There’s still a long way to the finish line.