1000 Miglia - Up and down (day 3)

2018-05-19 1000 Miglia - Up and down (day 3)

The first and next to last day of Mille Miglia 2018 is behind us. Contestants set off first thing in the morning to Rome, as per their start numbers. They headed north and finished the day in Parma. On their way, they passed by several dozen small and charming cities. They moved through narrow streets, between historic tenements. Citizens, crowded to see the beautiful cars, welcomed them on the market square and along the route. They cheered, clapped and waved. This extremely joyous and sincere atmosphere is unique and incomparable with anything else. It’s the trademark of the most beautiful race in the world.


Curious citizens gathered not only in towns, but also along the driving route. They enthusiastically waved their flags with a signature red arrow of 1000 Mille. Many times, there are fans who come in their classic cars to get a feel of competing in this incredible race.

There is a fierce battle in the lead, which changes after almost every travelled section. Last year’s winner of Mille Miglia 2017 - Andrea Vescio in Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 SS Zagato from 1929, which is most times the leader in the competition, has a chance to repeat his success tomorrow.

The appetite grows with eating and the Perlage Team has begun this day in a fighting mood after the last two stages. Experience collected in the previous distances is starting to pay off. On the third day, after fifteen hours of competition, it has its best drive time with a minimal amount of penalty marks on high mountainous routes. This allows the crew to move a few places up in the competition. Success has awakened even higher hopes and a will to fight during the last stage of Mille Miglia.