La grande storia - all roads lead to Rome

2016-05-21 La grande storia - all roads lead to Rome

The second day of Mille Miglia Storica 2016 is behind us! According to the ancient “all roads lead to Rome”, the cavalcade of the most exclusive antique vehicles in the world has reached the Eternal City yesterday, late in the evening.

The cavalcade covered 520 kilometers, strongly stretching. After a relatively flat first stage, the second turned out to be a powerful challenge. For everyone. Mountains are like salt for old cars: they give a taste to driving, but they can also spoil the fun with lack of preparation. They teach humility. The route along the coastal sections entered the Apennines. Rising upwards with serpentines, it imposed a load on the several-dozen-years old drive units in one direction, and while going down, it cooked up the braking systems during sharp downhills. Several dozen crews have already dropped off from the rally. After removing possible defects, some of them chose driving through motorways. These give greater comfort of passage through this demanding mountain range. Cars that have not passed all checkpoints are not classified in the general ranking, but traditionally take part in the night parade on the streets of Rome.

Drivers begin to look like taken out of black and white films from years ago. Uniforms from this era are complemented by faces - especially those driving in convertible versions. There begins to appear a characteristic, classic tan of the whole face, except for the areas taken by rally goggles. The struggles are beginning to become visible not only to them. Several cars have some abrasion and suffer even more serious damage. These hurt the most! After all, they are zero-grade monuments in a grand number ...

After two stages, the classification of the Mille Miglia leaders was dominated by Italians. The first place is taken by the legendary Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 GS Zagato from 1931 with the crew of Andrea Vesco and Andrea Guerini. The second is occupied by Alfa Romeo model 6C 1500 Gran Sport from 1933 with Giordano Mozzi and Stefania Biacca. The third is a representative of the O.M brand that has not been produced for years - 665 Superba Torpedo 2000 CC from 1926 with Alberto Riboldi and Paolo Sabbadini. The Perlage Team starting in an Aston Martin DB2 from 1952 has reached the finishing line, completing all the checkpoints - we are waiting for the current conversion of coefficients.

Today’s Mille Miglia is like the first three - it allows you to rise to the heights of motoring history at a dizzying pace and enjoy the true cuore sportivo! Nothing that was not born of passion has a place here. The Italians have for years competed with the British for priority in global motoring. Anyway, this race still continues. Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Aston Martin and Bentley - each of these brands has its own admirers and even fanatical followers. Mille Miglia does not classify cars for better and worse, faster or slower. On the contrary: Mille Miglia combines them all as part of one event into one huge legend driving into decades for four days. The Perlage Team and our entire company are extremely pleased that we can touch upon this legend. Our partnership with the organizers of the rally begins to be multidimensional. This is not just any agreement for classic sponsorship, it’s something more! Mille Miglia classifies emotions, we bottle them up ...!