The most classic and elegant

packaging for natural mineral
water. It perfectly maintains water
temperature and protects its
unique natural properties against the influence of external
Perlage bottles in a beautiful light blue colour, made
with the utmost care, are not only practical, but are a
decoration of every restaurant table. glass, 300 ml, 700 ml

Perlage in an aluminium bottle.

Lightweight, durable and eco-friendly – this is the new bottle of natural mineral water Perlage.

Sparkling revolution on the Polish market! The use of aluminium is an environmentally friendly solution; this type of bottle can be recycled endlessly. Perlage in a new aluminium bottle is a fantastic way to quench your thirst all year round. It cools down quickly to the perfect temperature, thanks not only to the material of its packaging but also its lightweight design.

500 ml


Perlage as one of the few waters in the world has
been closed in a can. This modern and trendy packaging
has many advantages. A light, small and unbreakable can is ideally suited to places where you should not use glass.
Additionally, it quickly cools down to desired temperature.
A can is a perfect
solution for everyone who wants to enjoy
the unique effervescence of Perlage water
and cares about comfort and lightness of packaging.
330 ml